Come to My Arms



This is a song that I wrote, based on some words that Jesus inspired me with during a difficult time.

Why do you fear

When you are before Me?

Why do you weep

and turn from My Face?

I see your pain

Your sins and your weakness,

Come to My arms

Run to My embrace

For you I suffered

Hours of anguish,

For you I died,

All to gain your love

My Heart was crushed

By measureless sorrow

For you My Head

Was pierced with the thorns.

Will you then trust Me,

And call Me your Saviour

Will you let Me take you

To Heaven above?

Have I disappointed?

Have I ever left you?

My child, believe Me

Entrust Me your soul

This cross is too heavy

For your weary shoulders

But closer together

We’ll bear it all

Your Shepherd is gentle

He knows your pain

He’ll guide you to pastures

And endless delight

Do not fear trials

The path that is narrow,

The rocks and the cliffs

That hide Me from sight

Beyond them I’m standing

Yet I’m also with you

I am the way

I’ll watch from above

Will you then trust Me?

And follow Me always

And close your eyes

As I carry you there

Let me hold you

And carry you there


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