Song of Hope



Another song that I wrote, this was during a difficult time, so it’s about suffering. I hope that it can be an encouragement to someone who needs it.

You said blessed are those who suffer

But why does it hurt this much

When my soul is so restless

And this world is like a cage

When all seems desolate before me,

When I have nowhere to turn

O say that You are in me,

Find me, help me carry on

O how can I be lonely

With Your Sacred Heart in mine

And how did I forget

That You hold the broken in Your arms

Then You turn to me and say..

My child,

Why do you fear,

Why did you lost hope,

That I gave..


Your words

Are truer than my fears

More certain than all doubts

More piercing than a sword

More glorious than the stars beyond the clouds

Your love, more consuming than fire

Is stronger than death

More brilliant than the sun

And You are mine..

“I am Yours and You are mine”

As I carry my cross beside You

Often I forget

How You bled and died and suffered

The example that You set

I forget the way is narrow

Strewn with thorns and stones and rocks

And the way to endless glory

Is through nothing but the Cross

O with You, loss is gain..

I would give all

To find You,

Only You..


Let me gaze upon You, Jesus

As a victim, all for love

You are pleading for our salvation

To our Heavenly Father above

As the Blood streams down Your Body

And the thorns entwine Your Head

Your Heart pierced for our transgressions

Thirsting, loving without end

O let me die beside You

To the world, to all my cares

Hide me in Your wounds, dear Jesus

There – lost, detached, beyond all fears

As I look into Your eyes

My Jesus,

Receive my heart

My soul, my life


(In quotation marks: from Song of Songs)


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