Blessed Dina Belanger


Recently I was very blessed to visit the tomb of Blessed Dina Belanger.

She was a Sister, a Religious of Jesus and Mary, who lived in Quebec in the early 20th century. She was also a mystical soul who got to know many secrets of Jesus’ Heart to share with the world. Her feast day is September 4th. The relics of Blessed Dina are located in the chapel of the convent of the Religious of Jesus and Mary in Sillery. In addition there is a selection of old photographs and some of her things.

Jesus spoke to Blessed Dina about His love and especially His love for consecrated souls. I’d encourage anyone in the area to visit too and get to know about her. I also met some of the Sisters and was kindly given a little tour and some reading/devotional materials. Some more information about Blessed Dina is that she was a talented musician and played the piano. As a Sister, she gave music lessons to children. She was also a good student and a loving daughter to her parents. Most of all she had a great love for Jesus and said her mission is to beg Him for love for souls. Her mission still continues from Heaven. Blessed Dina, pray for us!



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