Don’t be afraid to give all to Jesus!


Sometimes it’s frightening to think that to who much is given, much is expected, and that God might be asking something difficult from us. Recently I’ve been thinking about the idea that when God asks us to do something, He always gives the grace for us to accomplish it. He doesn’t leave us alone to fulfill His Will, because He knows we are weak. If we only try to cooperate with His grace honestly, He would provide all that we need. As Our Lord said, without Him we can do nothing.

I also came across a quote by St Teresa of Avila that made me think. God had called her to something difficult, which was entering a monastery. She describes her efforts to stay there despite hardship:

“Though I could not at first bend my will to be a nun, I saw that the religious state was the best and safest. And thus, by little and little, I resolved to force myself into it. The struggle lasted three months. … When I took the habit, Our Lord at once made me understand how He helps those who do violence to themselves, in order to serve Him, I was filled with a joy so great that it has never failed me to this day.”

Even though God gives us all the grace we need, sometimes we don’t notice it in our lives automatically but we need to put in effort to cooperate with it. Through this cooperation, God gives more graces to help us advance in holiness. Although this quote can seem overwhelming because it shows we need to do violence to ourselves, it can also help to prepare us for the cross. Sometimes part of the battle is just accepting that there will be crosses and not trying to flee from them, and that can bring a lot of peace in our suffering.


Unique and Precious


People show love to each other in different ways: words, little sacrifices, signs of affection.

We can show love for God in different ways too. We worship, adore, choose His Will over ours, do works of service.

Yet there always remains something very hidden between God and the soul, something invisible to everyone else. This hidden love for God in the heart is something very intimate and so very special.

It is also completely unique.

This is something I’ve been realizing more lately. No two souls are alike. No one can give Jesus what you can give Him. No one can love Him like you do. The way you look at Him, speak to Him, the way you adore Him – it is something fully known only to God, and something that sets you apart from everyone else who has ever lived or will live.

Never in the history of the world would your soul be repeated. There is only one of you, and Jesus longs to have YOU, specifically. No one can love Him in the same way.

Since God knows us so intimately, even better than we know ourselves, we can trust Him with all our emotions and struggles. He already knows our hearts and understands them perfectly, and He knows the hidden parts of us that we are not able to express.

As Jesus looks into our hearts, let us not turn away in fear, but meet His gaze – so gentle and kind, and give Him any brokenness that needs to be healed. He always looks into the heart with immeasurable tenderness.

No matter how ordinary or insignificant you may feel in the world, there is only one of you for Jesus. He knows your face and your voice from all the others, and He longs for your unique and unrepeatable heart.

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