This blog is an attempt to capture impressions and thoughts as I reflect on God’s love, devotions, lives of the Saints, vocations, and other topics from a Catholic perspective.

I am a Catholic convert (of 2009) who attends the Tridentine Latin Mass and is learning about the Church.

In Sacred Scripture, we see women who are great examples of contemplation and repentance. One of them is St Mary Magdalene. She sat at His feet and listened as Martha was worried about many things. She was the woman with the perfume, who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears, kissed them and wiped them with her hair. Jesus was asked if He knows that she is a sinner, one unworthy to touch Him, – and He said – her many sins have been forgiven because she loved much.

Saint Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, who is also my favourite Saint, wrote these beautiful words that explain her own spirituality, comparing her offering of herself to scattering flower petals before His Throne:

“With deep, untold delight Thy beauty fills my soul.

Would I might light this love in hearts of all who live!

For this, my fairest flowers, all things in my control,

How fondly, gladly I would give!

To scatter flowers! — behold my chosen sword

For saving sinners’ souls and filling heaven’s bowers.

The victory is mine: yes, I disarm Thee, Lord,

With these my flowers!

The petals in their flight caress Thy Holy Face;

They tell Thee that my heart is Thine, and Thine alone.

Thou knowest what these leaves are saying in my place;

On me Thou smilest from Thy throne.

To scatter flowers! — that means, to speak of Thee, —

­ My only pleasure here, where tears fill all the hours;

But soon, with angel hosts, my spirit shall be free,

To scatter flowers!”

(Source: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/therese/poems.vi.xiii.html)

It is these ideas that inspired the theme of these reflections: sitting at Jesus’ feet and listening to Him, repenting, adoring, and offering all our love as if pouring out precious perfume or scattering flower petals. No matter how sinful we may be, Jesus, in His infinite Mercy, understands and accepts.


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