Our Lady


This is a recent picture of Our Lady. I’m sure no drawing can do her justice and she is more beautiful than any picture we can make.. I don’t want to take credit for drawing it because I believe Our Lady helped somehow, so the credit goes to her 🙂

The words are “Ecce ancilla Domini, Fiat mihi secundum verbum Tuum”. They are from the Angelus and the translation is “Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to Thy word”. These are the words that Our Lady spoke as she accepted God’s Will unreservedly and with great trust, and at her Fiat, Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, became incarnate to save us.



Poem to Mother Mary

Doves and the Heart of Mary


Prayer to the Queen of Heaven and Earth from Her little slave of Love

in Thanksgiving for my Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary (June 27th, 2009)


Mother, this day is a secret,

See how well I hide it.

I walk through the streets,

See how ordinary I am.

People pass me by,

They do not suspect… the world does not know.

Sun turns to twilight, the clock ticks,

with every step I come closer.

Only a little further.

There is the steeple, the cross…

The familiar little church.

There is my Love hidden.

Do you hear my heart beating?

There You wait for me,

Ready to take my heart.

O, You have captured me!

I open the door…


O Mother, dare I say these words.

You see all the Angels listen.

The court of Heaven awaits.

I have only but a moment,

I dare not hesitate.

O Holy Angels, help me!

The Queen of Heaven is my Mother,

and I come poor, dressed in rags.

How poor is my heart.

My Jesus, does this please You?

O tell me, please speak!


Lovely Lady,

I see your beauty and I’m speechless.

I see your purity and I’m dust.

You have a crown of stars like diamonds,

And the moon is under your feet.

O cover me with your mantle.

Your Heart is radiant,

Let all darkness flee.

See how fearful I am

The enemy of my soul pursues me

he is almost at the door,

he taunts me with my sin.

This day is like no other,

and I have no courage.

Let me only say your name,

And I will live.

O Mary, Mary!

How lovely is your name.

I will write it out with jewels,

I will sing it with the Angels.

You fill my heart with joy.


Blessed Mother, receive these roses,

formed in the depths of my heart.

Each rose, a Hail Mary.

Fervently I prayed them,

To proclaim you Blessed.

They are not like the roses of the Saints.

Their fragrance less heavenly,

Their colours less brilliant,

And they barely resemble roses at all.

They grew in a dark valley,

Far from the sun.

I carried them here with utmost care

Yet how I wish to give you a greater gift!


O Mama, what sweetness!

Raise me from the ground,

Hold me trembling to your Heart.

Speak tenderly to me.

I look into your eyes,

And forget the things of earth


Your Love is my priceless treasure, my bliss.

Kind, gentle Mother,

how long must I wait?

~Totus Tuus~

(image credit: http://holycardheaven.blogspot.ca/


image unaltered)